the moonphase journey membership

The MOONPHASE JOURNEY MEMBERSHIP offers a repeating 4 week moonphase led program that allows you to keep aligned with your manifesting goals and progress your healing, growth, and expansion journey, cultivating a strong spiritual practice and connection to source and self through masterclasses, witchcrafts, meditations, somatic practices, rituals, weekly intention setting + weekly spiritual enquiry meditation +journaling prompts.

Uncover your dreams and desires and reclaim your power, passion and purpose by harnessing the powerful energy of the lunar cycles; working with the seasons, elements, archetypes, your own cycles, the many energies supporting you and your own body’s healing abilities to RELEASE • REALIGN • RECLAIM + REDESIGN: One Week + Moonphase at a time.

Monthly subscription: £27 per month, cancel anytime - no fees, no drama 🤍

Every month in the MOONPHASE JOURNEY MEMBERSHIP you will receive: 
 • 3x weekly 30min somatic moonphase-led healing journeys, meditations, practices + rituals via zoom
•  weekly moonphase-led journaling + meditation prompts 
 • Guest expert masterclasses, rituals, witchcrafts, healings + exclusive offers 
 • beautiful downloadable/printable MOONPHASE JOURNEY workbooks + Kickstarter pack
 • 24/7 access to private fb group community
 • access to the MOONPHASE JOURNEY ARCHIVES with all previous masterclasses, rituals, practices + healings 
 • opening ceremony + new beginnings ritual to get clear + set intention for the month ahead 
 • month closing integration EFT to release what doesn’t serve you + create empowering new beliefs for the month ahead 

• Fully supported growth and transformation journey with monthly Live group coaching + 1:1 direct support from me 
 • 10% discount on all in person circles, events, extended coaching and wisdom + lightwork products

 • Creating Sacred Space ebook 
 • 2023 moonphases planner 

• Exclusive digital device + laptop wallpapers
 • Access to Complete SOS Spiritual Toolkit of mini lifesaver practices


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