The Witchy Women's Institute

The Witchy Women's Institute is a private community for brave beautiful women on their own healing journey. Held within a sacred circle of like souled women who walk the path beside them, whilst on their own healing journeys. 

This is a safe place to be you, to discover who you really are. To reconnect to your strength, your needs, your truth, part of a tribe: in a container of magic. 

In this community you will establish, maintain and strengthen your spiritual connection. Through virtual and in person circles, workshops, courses and 1:1 session work, you will learn the ancient ways, as well as discover and practice proven modern modalities for healing. Harnessing the gifts nature has blessed us with both within and without, as we come back into balance with our own nature and the nature of being a woman. 

You will learn to trust yourself again. Trusting in your own feelings, experiences, dreams, intuition and path as you are given the space and grace to uncover within you the answers you are seeking. 

These are the things I longed for as I set out on my own healing journey 12 years ago. I was scared, confused, I lived from a place of fear, but I was awakening to the truth within me and all around me. I longed for sisterhood. I craved connection and I needed guidance. 

It has been a long journey - and isn’t over yet, but this is what motivates me as a spiritual practitioner, holistic healer and intuitive path realignment coach. 

It is what inspires me to keep learning. To keep growing. To keep healing and to keep showing up. 

Together we will remember what time and the patriarchy has taught us to forget. 

Together we will reclaim what was feared, shamed and taken from us. 

We will come home. 

This is how we heal the collective. This is how we heal for all those that came before us and all those who will come from us, through us + after us. 

This is how we rise.


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