The Wisdom + Lightwork Praxis offers life coaching, holistic healing, mooncircles, workshops + vegan organic wellness products to help you get grounded, connected + rising

As a spiritual practitioner, holistic healer and intuitive path realignment coach, I help women learn to trust themselves again. as they connect to their inner truth and inner wisdom so they can live a life in alignment to their purpose, passion and power.

Using ancient tools and ancient ways, as well as proven modern modalities for healing I will help you reconnect to and harness the gifts nature has blessed you with both within and without, guiding you back into balance as you learn to trust in your own feelings, experiences, dreams, intuition and path as you are given the space and grace to uncover within you the answers you are seeking.

My own personal journey overcoming challenges with mental health, PTSD, complex trauma and abuse, gives me direct insight into the challenges faced by my clients as I am able to fully empathise, validate them and their experiences, whilst providing a road map out of these challenges, helping transform them into fuel for greatness as I offer a range of practices and healing techniques that are easily accessible and affordable.

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